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Grow Your Own 
for Food and Hospitality businesses in Bristol

Delivered to you by YTKO

Food Pick Up

This government funded project is here to help you and your small food or hospitality sector business/pre-start-up to grow and develop into something incredible.

This Grow Your Own project, provided to you by YTKO, offers entrepreneurs just like you fully funded (totally free) tailored and bespoke support so that your business can flourish. We want to cultivate the Bristol food and hospitality sector to do well, by helping your business survive, and grow, to encourage employment and make a positive social impact in Bristol.

Here at YTKO we have helped thousands of businesses start, develop and grow into success stories. We have even helped one business get a Michelin Star.

Pre-start up Support

If you have an idea for a business in the food or hospitality sector and want help to get set up, or even just have initial questions and want to see if your idea is viable, then find out how we can help you with our pre-start up support.

Small medium size businesses (SMEs)

If you have already started your business and are looking for advice on how to grow, then find out how we can help you.

Our services

One-to-one coaching sessions


Learn from speakers and mentors

Access to help with grant applications

Specific technical support

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