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Food and Hospitality businesses in Bristol

Window Shopping

Pre-start ups

Here at YTKO we have helped thousands of businesses start, develop and grow into success stories. If you have an idea for a business in the food or hospitality sector and want help to get set up, or even just have initial questions and want to see if your idea is viable, then we can help you with our pre-start up support.


Have you already begun your food or hospitality business journey in Bristol? Are you looking to grow, become more efficient, more profitable, or want to open up to new customers? 


Anything you are looking for advice on, we can help you develop your business to be the success you want it to be.

Local Business Partners

The food source

Experience personalised support and guidance right at the heart of St Nicholas Market. The Food Source is your hub for drop-in sessions and one-on-one coaching. Our cosy space serves as a welcoming environment where you can connect with our experts and mentors to address your business needs.


Unlock the key to success in your business journey through our empowering workshops. Our tailored sessions are designed to equip you with the essential tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the food and hospitality sector. 

Our workshops are designed for individuals passionate about making their mark in the world of independent food and hospitality businesses. 

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